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Since the beginning of the crisis in Spain 2007/2008 property prices on the Costa Blanca have fallen by almost 40%, according to the State the Federal Statistical Office (INE).

Here you will find some of our Bargain priced Real Estate!

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In the attractive coastal region, the demand is international, many buyers come from abroad and are now looking for an opportunity to get to your desired property.
The range of villas, apartments and homes in the Costa Blanca’s new home shaped by the fact that a large proportion Real Estateof the objects were not, or only slightly adjusted in the price. These objects get little or no visits. The opportunistic embossed demand focuses on the real estate on the Costa Blanca, whose prices are adjusted to the current market level. Pay attention to the offers from us that are marked with “opportunity”. We would be happy to advise you personally and make precise recommendations after we have clarified which property is right for you.
Generally, one can speak of a buyer’s market in 2014 here in Spain, ie the supply is greater than demand, and buyers have a choice.
Applies to the northern Costa Blanca, especially for the good and exclusive locations that the selection is limited to objects. Straight property with unique character are sold in the crisis once and usually come only back on the market when the crisis is over. So here it is not to hesitate too long if you have opted for such an object.
One option is to purchase the property directly from the bank. Partly to bid in a sealed envelope. For the northern Costa Blanca, where the most attractive real estate locations are, however, the selection and the offer of the banks is very limited.
And remember: Banks are financial experts but no real estate consultants! For competent and thorough consultation, we will help you with Real Estate Altea available.

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