Tourists love to come to Spain

24.4.16, (Spain) CH: Among the top tourist destinations of Europeans there should be this year a clear turnaround. Many of the classic summer destinations such as Tunisia or Turkey are not attractive because of the uncertain political situation of tourists. This helps you determine the bookings for summer 2016 travel agents now. One of the main beneficiaries, however, is Spain. The country on the Iberian Peninsula is considered safe, with good infrastructure and many hours of sunshine. IMG_61391-150x150

Even in recent years the Spanish tourism was able to record new records in overnight stays over again. This year around 60 million visitors from around the world are expected again which attracts mainly on the 4900 km long coastline of the country. Apart from the popular holiday islands in the Canaries and the Balearic Islands, but also the mainland destinations are gaining in importance. Especially the Costa Blanca applies with its wonderful beaches and the large number of sunny days per year when asked. Last but not least, as more and more airlines to central Alicante airport flying directly from many European destinations.

Those who want to enjoy this year the Spanish sun, should therefore book early enough at the right time and to be able to even get a room. For last minute travelers there could be serious dificulties. Many German tourists do not care; because for years they already enjoy their holidays in their own house or in your own holiday apartment in Spain. Thus, the concern remains whether even a hotel can be found or not yet, a feeling like home to be enjoyed, what many visitors appreciated.

Another advantage of the private holiday rental in Spain is that the holiday can be simply extended easily when required, if you would like two or three days longer enjoy the Mediterranean flair. Not infrequently, their own property is also used only in the low season to make it profitable for rent in high season.