Spanish agriculture expects a good harvest

30.4.17, CH: The Costa Blanca is not only a popular tourist region but also of great importance for agriculture. In the south of Spain, excellent climate conditions prevail for the planting of various vegetable and fruit varieties. The strong rains in the past do not stop this. On the opposite, agriculture in the region even anticipates that the well-irrigated earths will be additionally beneficial. Because of the temperatures around the 25 degrees in calenderweek 10, the winter vegetables campaign was even endangered. Thanks to the rainfalls, the plants are now able to recover well and the farmers expect a good harvest.
While potatoes, artichokes, broccoli, thick beans and also cauliflower flourish in the winter vegetable campaign, cherries and citrus fruits are available in the warmer months. For tourists and expats who have created a second home here, this is an advantage in two respects: On the one hand, the cultivated fruit trees and vegetable fields make a good impression visually and contribute to the special appeal of this region. On the other hand, many of the regional products also enter the kitchen of many restaurants and snack bars, whether in Alicante or Altea. Combined with the fruits of the sea it is the regional type menu, which many English also appreciate.
In particular, the increasing number of UK and other second-home owners, who use a holiday house or a holiday apartment during the main part of the year, appreciate the fresh vegetables and fruits – also at the weekly markets when they do their own shopping and try to to cook traditional Spanish dishes. This mix of sun, good kitchen and breathtaking natural scenery is what makes a property so attractive in Spain. Those holiday properties, which are not used permanently , they are also let to tourists for rent. At the same time you will avoid the great tourist numbers in tranquil towns like Altea, where you can enjoy the peace by the sea to the maximum.