Spain’s tourism is preparing for a new boom year

11.6.17, CH: 76 million visitors were looking for their holiday success in the Spanish sun last year. An absolute record for Spanish tourism and an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. This year too, all the signs indicate that a new boom year is about to begin, and the ocupation of hotels and holiday accommodations in Spain will be high again.Wonderfull View from a open Air Lounge to the Sea
Above all, the unstable situation in other tourist destinations, such as Greece or Italy, is main reason of more tourists on the Iberian peninsula. The Spanish authorities are skilled in ensuring security in the country and, in addition, tourists enjoy a stable relationship on Sundays per year.
Even though looking at the permanent holiday homes and holiday houses in Spain, the situation has changed considerably in recent years. There were still a lot of cheap objects to choose from, but many expats have already purchased a real estate, so that good places have become rarer. But they still exist, and a growing number of English men also use the opportunity to secure a holiday home with a sea view or a holiday home on the coast. The good development of tourism in Spain also brings benefits to them. Often the objects are used only in the off season and in the main season profitably rented to tourists. This way, the investment in a property in Spain will even pay off by itself and creates an additional income.
Fortunately, many tourists are looking for what is also interesting for owners of second homes in regions like the Costa Blanca. Direct proximity to infrastructure such as the airport or shopping in Alicante and at the same time to enjoy the quieter and more tranquil life in cities as for example in Altea. In addition, there are a variety of cultural attractions and events every year.