Spain’s tourism gives construction industry a boost

2.12.17, CH: The Spanish real estate market has recovered from the crisis and is continuing to grow again this year. Improvements are seen every quarter and it is expected that this growth will continue. In particular, the demand from international buyers is contributing a lot, but the busy construction industry is also showing that the Spanish economy is on the up again. What better time to invest in a property on one of Spain’s dream beaches? Significantly involved in the good economic development of Spain is tourism. Year after year, record visitor numbers are reportet, with year for year always exceeding the previous year.

Similarly, the demand for real estate is increasing by international buyers and real estate investors. The appeal of real estate in Spain, not only on the beaches, but also in the interior, is unbroken. The attractiveness of Spanish real estate is attributed to the still favorable prices. Property prices are rising, but it is still a good time to invest your capital in a property in Spain. The demand is enormous, especially in the coastal regions. The increasing demand for real estate means that the construction industry is also benefiting from it. New-build real estate is increasingly in demand and the need for residential space requires that new real estate are built.

The reasons to choose a property in Spain, whether in the interior or on one of the dream beaches, are diverse. Some people choose to enjoy well-deserved retirement in a pleasant climate. Others want to use the maritime climate for their own holiday. And if you have a holiday home on the beach in Spain, you can also fly there for a extended weekend. While the home is not used in Spain, it can be rented to vacationers. This has the advantage that the rental income already covers part of the cost of the holiday home.