October in Spain – experiencing the golden autumn

12.10.17, CH: Spain has countless beautiful coasts, towns, cities and islands that attract numerous tourists every year. Especially in the summer months, many beaches are well visited. Who does not love the sun, the beautiful sea and the long sandy beaches? But also the the mountain side has a lot to offer. Not only in summer Spain is a good holiday. Of course, the summer holidays are the preferred travel season for families, but also in October, Spain’s tourist attractions are not empty. Especially elderly people, childless couples or families with children who are not of school age enjoy the golden autumn after the hot summer, like on the Costa Blanca, so the summer can be extended.

Why Spain is so attractive in the autumn

The reasons why many holidaymakers have just chosen the autumn as travel time are diverse. If in the summer it is too hot in the south, if the temperatures doesnt drop even at night, the ideal climatic conditions for relaxing, relaxing and relaxing will be in the autumn. A further plus for the holidays in Spain in autumn are also the prices. The accommodation costs significantly less than the main season. Likewise, crowded beaches or sights in the autumn are the exception. You can really relax on the fantastic beaches and find peace. Currently, the water temperature is 23 degrees.

Holiday rentals – rent or buy?

Many Spanish tourists are always happy to come to the country. Not only the beaches, but also the culture, the people, the landscapes – everything is inviting so that you feel comfortable. In the case of several holidays in Spain, the question is whether it would not be a good idea to rent a holiday home or a holiday home or a country-style finca. The conditions are good. And if you choose Spain as a retirement home or as a second home, you will find not only along the coasts beautiful real estates.