Notable recovery in Spain

30.06.15, CH: For a long time the Iberian Peninsula was marked of stagnant economy and a high unemployment rate. However, the Spanish economy is growing again and the recovery can be felt in all sectors. Especially in the labor market: The number of unemployed in Spain has dropped to a 4-year low. Even younger people find it easier to get back into jobs. Along with this, the Spaniards again have more income available, to invest or to spend in consumption. The economy seems currently to prosper again, thus creating the lively atmosphere that visitors love so much in this country.kosten-verkauf-300x225
The upturn in Spain causes automatically an increase in property prices. Especially for people who want to realize the dream of a holiday home or an apartment on the Costa Blanca, it is still not too late in order to embark on the search for a suitable property in Spain. While prices are already climbed up to pre crisis level at the Spanish island, there are in the region of Alicante or Altea (Costa Blanca) still bargains that you should not miss, although here too the sales compared to 2014 have increased tremendously.
Investment in real estate
Many English who want to fulfill the dream of a holiday home on Spain’s south coast, don’t see this investment only alone as a hobby. Who can currently buy an apartment or a holiday home in Spain at this time for a reasonable price; wants also make a step in an excellent financial investment. Because of the rising house prices you can expect to sell the property after a few years even with a profit. Meanwhile, objects of this kind are often rented out as holiday homes to tourists, still allowing the owners to spend a few days or weeks in the sunny south themselves. In this way, a part of the total cost of ownership is recovered during the time of use.