Long sandy beach meets green mountain

28.10.15, CH: No question, Spain has always been a popular holiday destination. The long sandy beaches, often strewn with fine, white sand, perfect for swimming in a blue sea. Optimal swimming weather during the summer months attracts countless tourists from many countries. Less attractive, however appear the beaches during the winter months, when water temperatures are too low for swimming and one assumes, Spain would have nothing more to offer. But far from it! The Iberian Peninsula has much more to offer than sandy beaches. Only close to the sea, a little inland, are wooded mountain ridges rise. Dark green tree landscapes are punctuated by bright rocks and in between a hiking trail winds up the mountain.El arco, Castell de Castells

Especially when temperatures no longer inviting for swimming, it makes sense to get to know the other beautiful side of Spain. The hilly landscape near the beach can be explored on foot, leaving behind stunning impressions. Bright boulders of marble and limestone rays between the tree surfaces through and reflect the sunlight in a unique way. And also a lot of heat radiate back these rocks, so it is a pleasant hike. Especially around the region of Costa Blanca impressions during excursions into the hills are impressive. Here you can look from the 332 meter high landmark of the Costa Blanca, the Penond’lfac, on the kilometer-long coast.

To all the advantages to enjoy, the country offers a vacation is probably too short. Cheap property prices are just one reason, to fulfill a dream and to experience more of Spain. An apartment or a house on the Costa Blanca is not only a good investment, but also ideal for short breaks, for use as a summer residence, suitable for winter holidays or as a retirement home.