Second residence on the Costa Blanca as a profit-maker

18.3.17, CH: The holiday house or finca on the Costa Blanca, one of the most beautiful coasts of Spain, was bought to recover during the holiday. Sun, beach and sea. Who can resist? Of course, if you decide for a property in the sunny south, this can not usually be used throughout the year. As a second home, the domicile is nevertheless an excellent option to escape, for example, the cold season. Who would not like to enjoy pleasant temperatures throughout the year? In the past, holiday apartments were mainly bought for their own use. Today this has changed:
More and more often, real estate buyers are not only concerned about their own recreational factor. Rather, the focus is on making money with it. The finca in Spain is bought with the background, as an investor to improve the household fund or to pay back the investment costs for the purchase.
Second residence on the Costa Blanca as a profit-makerSpanish Hot Properties Investors Club
Clearly a good argument. If you are not able to use your second home permanently, it is advisable to rent it while you are away. Even before the purchase of the object the question arises, what happens with the holiday house, if one is not on site. So that it is not empty, it is a good way to rent it to holidaymakers.

Over the past few years the range of holiday properties on the Spanish coasts has increased significantly. The reasons for this are clear: low interest rates for savings and favorable financing offers for Fincas & Co. The dream to buy a holiday property on the Costa Blanca is within reach. Favorable property prices, favorable financing options and the option to get good returns through the rental make the second home realistic. Even if the economic crisis in Spain is barely noticeable, the supply of vacant properties is still available. It is always worth considering having a second home on the Costa Blanca. Perhaps now as an investor, later perhaps as a retirement retirement?