Autumn on the Costa Blanca

19.12.17, CH: The Costa Blanca is a popular destination. Not only in the summer you can enjoy the beautiful beaches here, the other seasons can be here also a beautiful time. But why is autumn so inviting for a holiday on the Costa Blanca? There are several factors that speak for it. For one thing, the beaches and cities are not as crowded as in midsummer. The everyday life is quieter, so you can really enjoy and relax. Another point that speaks for a vacation on the Costa Blanca is the weather. It can get very hot in summer. The autumn is very pleasant. It’s not so hot anymore that you can barely stand it, but still warm enough to get the holiday or summer feeling. The average temperatures in winter are 15 degrees and there are many hours of sunshine. The orange blossom starts in October and the almond blossom, which is famous for its beauty in January.

Particularly attractive on the Costa Blanca are the varied landscape and life itself. Here you will find lively places and cities that offer all the highlights of a great nightlife. Only a short distance away, behind a few hills, you can experience pure idyll. The inland has great cottages to offer, from which you can not only shop well and go to the beach, but also can undertake varied tours. Another point that speaks for the holiday on the Costa Blanca in the fall are the lower prices. Likewise, the nature of autumn shows its most beautiful side.

Anyone who has now come to the taste and not only want to spend the autumn on the Costa Blanca, can fulfill a dream with a cheap holiday home. Then there is nothing against it, if you make a short decision about the weekend in the south. With your own holiday home on the Costa Blanca, it is possible to enjoy the beauty of this little corner of the earth in the south of Spain during short breaks as well as well-deserved summer holidays.