Altea is more worth than just a visit

Alicante, 24.9.14 CH: The coastal town of Altea on the Mediterranean in Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Since the 50s of the last century, it attracts tourists from all over the world to the Costa Blanca. The beautiful scenery around the city enthusiast’s locals and tourists alike. On the one hand, invite the beautiful beaches for sunbathing and swimming on the other hand on inland side you can see, along the mountain range of Sierra de Bernia, a distinctive landscape, who the Romans and Iberians were already excited.

On a hill of the Sierra de Bernia is Altea, lead from where enchanting paths and roads to the sea. Typical of the southern city are the numerous white houses and buildings.


The approximately six-kilometre beach of the city is surrounded by coves and cliffs. Tourists and locals enjoy the warm sun on the beaches. Many hotels and apartments are literally stormed during the tourist seasons. Not only the German holidaymakers like it, but many visitors from all over the world are drawn from Altea in its spell. The natural diversity and beauty of city and country, is the cause why you’ll gladly return again.

Therefore, more and more Britain’s decide to to acquire an apartment or a house in this paradise. Many only for the own holidays, others rent their property in Altea, while they do not just use itself. Especially popular Altea is in August, when the fireworks of Castell de L’Olla takes place or the end of September at the Festival of Moors and Christians.