Alicante offers cheapest price per solar hour

05/29/2015, (CH): For tourists who yearn for the warmer climes and even would like to start a little earlier the summer, the selection of a holiday destination is important that promises many hours of sunshine. At the same time should not be overstretched and the travel budget, so that cheap accommodations are required. The holiday platform has dedicated to this topic in a recent review and asked the question, what other holiday destinations offer the best balance between accommodation prices and hours of sunshine. The clear winner here emerged the southern Spanish destination Alicante.spanien_alicante_schloss-180x120
The popular resort on the Costa Blanca comes up with an average of 10.4 hours of sunshine per day. By contrast, provided the platform average hotel room prices of about € 88, -. The ratio can be quite impressive, catapulting Alicante in the standings to first place ahead of cities like Lisbon or Madrid. The 300,000-inhabitant city thus recommended as a holiday destination for all sun lovers. The same applies of course also for the surrounding towns on the Costa Blanca, which are subject to the same climatic conditions.
Those who prefer a rather contemplative, is in good hands in the small towns along the coast. Thanks to the major airport in Alicante, can be achieved very good this also from abroad. In order not to depend on hotel rates and still benefit from the extended sunny days, comes up with the region, more and more German opt for a holiday house or a holiday apartment on the Costa Blanca. In this way, it can be wonderfully winter with pleasant temperatures and there is also the opportunity for spontaneous vacations safeguarded.
Many owners of holiday properties in Spain make Furthermore, use of the option, the accommodation for rent during high season at leisure and play thus in turn the cost of their investment in. Thanks to the price situation, which is still lower here than about the Spanish islands, the purchase of real estate in this region is even more enticing.