Altea City

The idyllic coastal town of altea in the province of Alicante on the Costa Blanca, which has about 25,000 inhabitants, extends along the Mediterranean Sea and is located at the foot of the mountain massif of the Sierra Bernia. In Altea city can be enjoyed throughout the year a uniquely mild climate, many recreational activities such as swimming, diving, climbing, surfing, kayaking, waterskiing,sailing, mountain biking, tennis, golf, horseback riding, hiking etc can be practiced all year round,the active vacationers have not limits.

Altea city offers all the benefits of a city – beautiful boutique shopping, a wide range of restaurant scene, food, art and antique fairs, cultural events in the Palace of Culture “Palau” bars with jazz music and other attractions. At the same time, however, the serenity of a charming fishing village can enjoyed. Over a glass of wine the goings in the marina track or stay in one of the cozy beach cafes on the promenade and enjoy the sunshine.

As one of the most exclusive places on the northern Costa Blanca, Altea is characterized by a year-round cultural life. Thus Altea is not only a tourist spot but ideal for international residents and sun-seeking “overwintering”.

Altea has several beaches with sand and natural beach along the 7.5km bay, some beach bars, so-called “Xiringuitos”, serve refreshments, tapas and other small dishes.

The nature lovers will enjoy the excursions into the inland. One can buy at a drive through in the Callosa Valley, fresh honey directly from the beekeeper and take in the lined valleys of avocado trees, orange and lemon groves. The interplay between mountains and the sea is particularly attractive.

The village with its picturesque alleys and whitewashed houses is dominated by the blue-white domes of the parish church Virgen de Consuelo. The market place around the church is beautifully decorated with small cafes and restaurants. Here there is a variety of fish and seafood, fresh vegetables, the typical Spanish rice dishes(Arroces), and international cuisine. A true gem for the interested Spanish lovers.

A unique feature compared to other coastal cities is the year-round availability of food outlets and shopping scene in Altea. Thus excursions in the surrounding cities of Alicante (approx ¾ hour distance) or Valencia(1.5 hours distance) an additional experience, but not absolutely necessary. Benidorm and Calpe are medium-sized cities next to Altea and can be easily reached within 15minutes via the National road N-332. Altea is so far in terms of the transport-geographical integration, optimally situated/located.

With all the different facets Altea offers, either as a tourist or resident will be able to testify that Altea is rightly called the”Pearl of the CostaBlanca”!