Alicante city

The capital of the province on the Costa Blanca offers the perfect combination of Mediterranean idleness and turbulent city life. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans and Moors settled in the coastal town that today has approximately 335,052 inhabitants.

In Alicante, there are various historical momuments to discover. For example, the cathedral of San Nicolás, a monastery, which dates from the Renaissance period and the Santa Maria church from the 14th century., Which was built on the remains of a mosque and subsequently remodelled in the Baroque and Rococo style.

If you want to get an overview, you can do so from the castle Santa Barbara.

The Castillo perched on a rock about 166 meters above the city and offers a magnificent view over Alicante city, the coast and the inland.

Alicante city offers a miriad of possibilities. Such as archaeological finds from different periods, a former granary houses, the Museum of Modern Art and in the original Barrio Santa Cruz you can stroll through narrow streets and admire colourful houses. Well maintained city parks and gardens complete the picture.

Alicante has an international airport next to the harbour.The magnificent waterfront of the marina invites you to take a stroll or enjoy the Spanish and international cuisine. Who is exhausted from sightseeing,you may enjoy a Café Cortado drink with date palms and enjoy the maritime atmosphere. The nightlife is in the entertainment district and the old town around the marina from.

The water fun is guaranteed at the many exclusive and sandy beaches in Alicante- trips into the interior guarantee the nature lover impressive experiences.

In short Alicante city combines “Much” in a city and not least as a melting pot of different eras and nationalities, well worth a visit.